On the Search Results page, you can manage your search by editing or saving your search strategy, creating a permalink, setting up an email alert, or setting up an RSS feed.

Screenshot of APA PsycNet showing Edit Search and New Search links circled, as well as Save Search, Get Permalink, Set Email Alert, and Get RSS Feed icons circled

Save Search

To save your search strategy, click the Save Search icon:

Screenshot of APA PsycNet showing arrow pointing to Save Search icon

This will give you the opportunity to name your search and save it permanently in your My PsycNet account. Go back to My PsycNet at any time to execute the search, edit the search, set up a search alert, set up an RSS feed, or delete it.

Edit Search

To edit your existing search, click the Edit Search button:

Screenshot of APA PsycNet showing arrow pointing to Edit Search link

This will take you back to the search screen where you can make changes to the search strategy.

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