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Database descriptions

APA PsycInfo—contains citations and abstracts from a wide range of scholarly literature in the psychological, social, behavioral, and health sciences. This database includes journals, books, reviews, and dissertations. Select this database to find literature from a broad array of topics in a number of formats from hundreds of publishers. For example, you can find a journal article about hearing in rats or a review of a book on memory. Click here to view the journal coverage list.

APA PsycArticles—select this database to find full-text journal articles in subject areas such as applied psychology, health, theory, research, social/personality, and more. Here you can find full-text articles from journals published by the American Psychological Association, the APA Educational Publishing Foundation, the Canadian Psychological Association, and Hogrefe Publishing Group. The majority of the journals in this database are covered from the first volume published. Click here to view the journal coverage list.

APA PsycBooks—choose this database to find full-text books. Here you will find books published by APA, classic books from as early as 1597, and entries from the Encyclopedia of Psychology. Click here to view the list of books. Searching this database allows you to find chapters from a variety of books. For example, if you’re looking for information about obsessive-compulsive disorders, you will find not only entire books on the subject, but also individual chapters with obsessive-compulsive disorder as the subject matter.

APA PsycTests—use this database to find the actual psychological tests and measures (mostly full-text PDFs but other media also) as well as structured information about the tests. A wide variety of test types are included in APA PsycTests, including achievement and aptitude tests, intelligence tests, tests of cognitive functioning, occupational tests, personality tests, and so on. The database includes (a) the actual psychological tests and measures, as available; (b) full bibliographic records and descriptive summaries of tests in each record; (c) descriptive summaries of commercially available tests with links to the publisher; and (d) tests from the Archives of the History of American Psychology, for which APA has not yet identified literature. All records in APA PsycTests are indexed and include fields for validity, reliability, and factor analysis (when available), test purpose, construct, format, number of items, and more.

APA PsycTherapy—use this database to find therapy demonstration videos specifically developed to enable viewers to observe how therapists spontaneously employ different approaches and techniques in practice. The videos provide examples of some of the most renowned therapists in North America working with participants on a host of therapy topics, which, when combined with APA PsycTherapy’s powerful search, clip-making, and playlist capabilities, makes this a uniquely searchable resource and educational tool. (Please note that APA PsycTherapy cannot be unselected as a search option.)

APA PsycExtra—use this gray literature database to find credible professional material disseminated outside of peer-reviewed journals. Here you will find resources such as conference papers, programs, and abstracts; theses and dissertations; bibliographies; press releases; amicus briefs; documents from APA history (e.g., articles about the history of APA, APA Divisions statements, resolutions, petitions, minutes of board and standing committees), and much more.

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