The HTML view of an article offers a variety of features that the PDF version does not. (Learn how to find the HTML view)


You may jump to any section of the article using the links in the outline found on the left rail. These headings match the actual wording of headings in the article.

Full-text HTML for portion of Group Dynamics journal article highlighting the Jump To navigation fields

Tables and Figures

In the tables and figures section, each table or figure can be viewed on screen or downloaded as a PowerPoint file.

Tables and Figures example with arrow pointing to Download Slide link


You can export the citation to Refworks or other citation managers, add to My List, set up an alert, e-mail, print, share to social media, get information about copyright or permissions, or toggle the dictionary option by clicking on the corresponding icon in the menu at the top of the page.

Full-text HTML view with circled section showing links for Export Citation, Add To My List, Alerts, Email, Print, Share, Copyright Request Permissions, and Turn Dictionary Off


You can set alerts to be notified when the article is cited in other works, if a correction is published, and if a comment or reply is published. You can also be alerted when a new issue of the journal appears. Once set, these services can be managed in My PsycNet.

Full-text HTML view highlighting the Alerts icon with dropdown showing New Issue Alert, Citation Alert, Correction Alert, and Comment/Reply Alert


Click the share icon to post about the article on these social media sites.

Full-text HTML view highlighting the Share icon

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