What is SUSHI and how does it relate to COUNTER?

The Standardized Usage Statistics Harvesting Initiative (SUSHI) protocol provides a self-service model for harvesting usage data and is compatible with APA PsycNET usage data. SUSHI was developed by the National Information Standards Organization (NISO) in cooperation with COUNTER. This protocol has been incorporated into the COUNTER Code of Practice.

The SUSHI protocol allows for the automated retrieval of COUNTER-compliant usage reports into local systems, making the harvesting and aggregating of usage reports much less time consuming for the librarian or library consortium administrator. Several SUSHI client tools are currently available through various vendors.

For more information about the SUSHI standard and tools, refer to the NISO’s web site:

Librarians and consortia admins can learn more about SUSHI, including documentation and technical specifications, by visiting the SUSHI introduction page on the COUNTER web site.

SUSHI Setup & Access

Harvesting APA PsycNET data with SUSHI requires a set of SUSHI access credentials issued for the COUNTER 5 release.

IMPORTANT: Requestor IDs used for COUNTER 4 cannot be used to retrieve COUNTER 5 reports. You must re-register for SUSHI to receive a new Requestor ID to use with COUNTER 5.

Register for SUSHI login credentials

  1. Go to the APA PsycNET Usage Statistics portal and log in with your institution’s APA Administrator account.
  2. Expand the menu below your institution’s account name and select the SUSHI option.
    Screenshot showing the location of the SUSHI option in the menu below your institution's account name
  3. Enter the required account information to create the SUSHI login (Email, First Name, Last Name).
  4. Use the Create SUSHI Credentials button to display your newly generated Requestor ID and Institution ID/Customer ID. This information will also be emailed to you, along with the SUSHI URL.
    Screenshot showing the location of the Create SUSHI Credentials button

Use SUSHI with APA’s usage reporting service

  1. Log in to the APA PsycNET usage statistics portal with your APA administrator account.
  2. Expand the menu below your institution’s account name and select the SUSHI link to log in with your SUSHI credentials.

Access APA usage reports through your SUSHI client

  1. Point your preferred SUSHI client or access software to the following URL: https://sushi5.scholarlyiq.com/counter/r5
  2. To use your SUSHI client application’s “ReportRequest” function, provide your SUSHI credentials (Requestor ID and Institution ID/Customer ID), Report Type, Report Version (“5”), and the usage range you want to harvest.


For specific questions about SUSHI harvesting or the COUNTER protocol, please visit the “SUSHI for Automated Report Harvesting” page on the COUNTER web site or contact Scholarly IQ support.

For general assistance with retrieving your APA usage data, please visit our Usage Statistics help pages for important details. For other technical questions, contact APA Publishing’s Customer Engagement team.

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