Recommended EZproxy Configuration for PsycNET

T (Title of the link) APA PsycNET
U (URL of the link)
D (domain, including the proxy)
D (each D can add another domain — see below)

The “D” tells the proxy server to continue facilitating requests for any domain ending in (technically, it could be others as well).


  • Current IP information: Be sure all IP address(es) used by your institution’s proxy server are appearing in your APA PsycNet Admin Center > Admin Tools section. Proxy access will be disrupted if the proxy IP list is incomplete. Send any IP updates (additions or deletions) to
  • EZProxy version 6.1.12 or later: Earlier versions are incompatible with the TLS 1.2 protocol needed for access.
  • SSL configuration: Your EZproxy server must be configured for SSL. View the SSL configuration page on the OCLC help site for more information:

Basic APA PsycNET Access — Proxy Configuration for PsycARTICLES, PsycBOOKS, PsycEXTRA, or PsycINFO

Please view the current version of the recommended proxy configuration stanza on the OCLC help site:

IMPORTANT: As of February 2023, the following entries must be included in your EZproxy stanza:

  • NeverProxy
  • NeverProxy


Update EZproxy Stanza for Management of APA PsycNet Cookie Preferences

As of June 2023, APA recommends adding the Cookie-Law directive to the top of the APA PsycNet stanza:

  • If your institution has an OCLC-hosted EZproxy instance: Contact OCLC to request the addition of the cookie-law directive (IncludeFile databases/cookielaw.txt) to the beginning of your institution’s APA PsycNet stanza.
  • If your institution has a stand-alone/self-hosted EZproxy instance: Add the configuration block posted on OCLC’s website to the beginning of your institution’s APA PsycNet stanza.
  • Please contact OCLC technical support if you have any questions about your OCLC-hosted EZproxy or applying the Cookie-Law block to your self-hosted stanza.

This update corrects an EZproxy bug that can cause the footer banner for APA PsycNet cookie preferences to repeatedly pop up.


Alternatives for Persistent Links

Search Links

Browse Links*

*Note: There is no Browse link for PsycINFO.

EZproxy Access for PsycTESTS & PsycTHERAPY

EZproxy access for PsycTESTS – stanza
EZproxy access for PsycTHERAPY – stanza

Proxy Instructions for APA Handbooks

To setup proxy access to APA Handbooks, you will need one stanza for each volume.

For example:

T APA handbook of Counseling Psychology, Vol 1

T APA handbook of Counseling Psychology, Vol 2

View the complete list of direct links for all handbooks by volume on the Direct Links to the APA Handbooks help page.

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