Use your Administrator account to access to your institution’s APA PsycNet Admin Center:


Q: There are several people in my library who need to access the Admin Center. How can I add an administrative user?

Q: How do I change the Administrator for our account?

Q: We would like to have our institutional logo and name appear wherever our patrons use APA PsycNet. How do we make that happen?

Q: Can I customize the Contact Us link in APA PsycNet?

Q: Can I change the default search screen for my users?

Q: Can I set up a direct link for searching a single database on APA PsycNet?

Q: Can I link directly to the APA Handbooks?

Q: Can I link APA PsycNet with my institution’s ILL?

Q: How can I make a change to my IP range?

Q: How do I configure off-campus access through our proxy server?

Q: Is APA PsycNet compatible with our link resolver?

Q: Where can I access MARC records (for APA PsycBooks, APA PsycArticles, APA Handbooks, APA PsycTherapy, and/or the APA Books E-Collections)?

Q: Are OCLC records also available?

Q: How do I get usage statistics for my institution on APA PsycNet?

Q: Can I receive usage statistics reports via the SUSHI protocol?

Q: How do I or my patrons sign up for alerts?

Q: What type of training support is available for APA PsycNet?

Q: Do you have training videos or tutorials I can embed on my blog or website?

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