In use articles, the author(s) mention using the test. Though the author(s) have not conducted psychometric analysis, they do report previously derived data on the test that comes from the development and/or review articles. The Test Use tab will not include every study that used a test; instead, “milestone” articles are included. These can be (a) the first study that used the test, (b) a study that expands the test’s use to new settings or populations, or (c) a study that made important discoveries about the test itself or about the field of study through use of the test. Test Use Records constitute a small percentage of the PsycTESTS file.

The Test Use Record includes all of the searchable fields and filters, including index terms; the actual test (most are PDF, but there are tests in other media), when available; and a link to the PsycINFO record of the Test Use document.

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