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Applied Psychology—Provides abstracts from 55 subscriber-selected journals. Among the applied sciences are Accident and safety, Consumer and marketing. Environmental, Forensic, Human factors and ergonomics, Management and organization studies, Personnel and guidance, Psychometrics, Social psychology, and General applied psychology.

Behavior Analysis and Therapy—Among the topics covered are Classical and operant conditioning, Reinforcement, Rewards and punishment, Task analysis, Animal learning, Behavior therapy, Systematic desensitization, Biofeedback training, and Behavior modification techniques.

Clinical Psychology—Previously a quarterly journal, in 2008 it became an all-electronic product updated monthly. Each release includes summaries of articles from a group of 22 subscriber-selected psychological, medical, and therapeutic journals. Topics include Disorders, Treatment, Experimental Clinical Research, Cognitive Therapy, Abnormal Psychology, Assessment, and Consulting, Behavioral Medicine.

Developmental Psychology—Provides access to pioneering work in a wide range of topics. Topic areas include Attachment behavior, Age and sex differences, Self-concept, Special education, Healthcare delivery, Parental attitudes, Support groups, Residential care, and Teaching methods.

LD/MR (Learning Disorders and Mental Retardation)—Provides access to new developments in learning disorders and mental retardation. Coverage includes Behavior disorders, Hyperkinesis and attention deficit disorder, Neuropsychological disorders, Communication disorders, Speech, language, and hearing disorders, Autism, Special education, and Legal issues.

Neuropsychology—Provides current research on the relationship between brain and behavior. Covered topics include Human experimental and cognitive neuropsychology, Neuropsychological assessment, Neurology research, Neuropsychopharmacology and toxicology, Neurochemistry, Neuropsychological aspects of various diseases and disorders, and Psychoneuroimmunology.

Psychoanalysis—Previously a quarterly journal, in 2008 it became an all-electronic product updated monthly. Each release includes summaries of books and chapters, abstracts from a cluster of psychoanalytic journals, and abstracts on psychoanalytic topics draw from a cluster of index terms related to psychoanalysis. Topics include Theory, Processes, Interpretation, Transference, Countertransference, Object Relations, Psychotherapy, and Literature.

Psychopharmacology—Designed for users who need access to targeted information about clinical and experimental psychopharmacology. Topics include the following: Experimental psychopharmacology, Clinical psychopharmacology, Behavioral aspects of substance abuse and dependency, Drug discontinuation and withdrawal behaviors, New experimental drugs not approved for clinical use, New uses for existing drugs, and Herbal supplements and alternative therapies.

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