PsycTESTS is a rich source of structured information about psychological tests and measures reported in scholarly psychological literature, as well as a repository for the content of these test instruments when available.

You can browse PsycTESTS by Test Name & AcronymConstructTest Author, Year, or Instrument Type. Results include both commercial and non-commercial tests by default, but you can choose to exclude either of these attributes. When browsing by ConstructTest AuthorYear, or Instrument Type, the number of Test Master Profiles is displayed in parentheses. You can view the test Summary from the results list, and when available, follow links to other Test Versions and/or the content of the Test.

Browsing by Test Name & Acronym displays an alphabetized list of the tests and measures indexed in the database. You can use the Jump To field to search for either the full name or the acronym of the test:


Browsing by Construct displays a list of test constructs in alphabetical order. Each category has a set of plus/minus icons  (+/-) to expand and collapse the list of tests (including alternate names and acronyms) indexed with that construct. You can also use the Jump To field to narrow your search to any specific word(s) in the test name:


Browsing by Test Author displays an alphabetical list of authors (both individual authors and institutional authors). Click on the test author’s name or the plus/minus icons  (+/-) to expand and collapse the list of tests for that author. You can also use the Jump To field to search for a specific author’s name.


Browsing by Year displays 10-year increments in reverse chronological order. Drill down to browse by year and get information about a specific test:

  • Click on the plus icon to display the list of years in the range;
  • Click on a year to browse a list of test names for that year; then
  • Click on the name of a test to open the test record.

Click on an individual year to browse the related alphabetical list of tests (Note: you can quickly view a list of individual years instead of 10-year ranges by clicking on the grid icon (see previous image) in the upper right corner):


Browsing by Instrument Type groups the tests according to the controlled list of primary testing categories. Click a category to browse the related alphabetical list of tests:


Want to learn more? View the related tutorial on our YouTube channel: Browsing Tests on APA PsycNET (closed-captioned).