Advanced Search allows for more precise searching than Basic Search. You can create a complex search using the Select Databases, Advanced Search, Date, and Filters options.

Select Databases

To specifically search PsycTESTS, expand the database selection menu by clicking on Select Database and click on PsycTESTS.

Note: Searching only PsycTESTS will provide access to searchable fields not available when combining the search with other databases.

 Advanced Search

The Advanced Search section allows you to select specific searchable fields for your search and combine multiple search queries with the Boolean operators AND, OR, or NOT.  To put more than two queries in a search, click on +add row.


In this section, you may also limit your results to the following:

  • Peer-Reviewed Journals Only: Your results will include only those records from peer-reviewed journals.
  • Impact Statement: Your results will only show statements of records that include impact statements
  • Open Access: Your results will only include documents where the text is available through Open Access resources.
  • Test Available: Your results will show only those records from the PsycTESTS database that contain tests (full text in PDF or other media).


The Date section allows you to limit to a date range or to records added to the databases recently.


The Filters section allows you to further limit your search by instrument type, fee, test record type, supporting documentation, permissions, administration method, age group, PsycTESTS Classification, or population group.

If you have selected a filter, you can add additional filters to your search by clicking on +add filter.