Term Finder

Term Finder

Term Finder allows you to select search terms from the APA Thesaurus of Psychological Index Terms. Selecting search terms from the Thesaurus will increase the precision, reliability, and comprehensiveness of subject searches across APA databases. The controlled vocabulary of the Thesaurus provides users with a method of structuring the subject matter in a way that is consistent among users. For example, searching for Dysphoria, Melancholia, and Depression can all be achieved by searching the term “Major Depression.”

Thesaurus Search Displays

Thesaurus Search Displays

Select theTerm Begins With tab to retrieve an alphabetical display of index terms. After entering the word(s) you want into the search box, a list of terms that begin with the word(s) will appear in alphabetical order.

The Term Contains tab provides a rotated index display of terms containing the word entered, that is “word in context.” This word can occur anywhere within a Thesaurus term. You can search only a single word, not a phrase, in the rotated index.

Select the Term Hierarchy tab to view the term hierarchy and relationships to other terms. Term details include scope and historical note, broad, narrow, related terms, and the year the term was introduced. You may also view the term hierarchy from the alphabetical and rotated index displays by clicking on the “+” located to the left of the term.

Searching the Thesaurus

Browsing the Terms A to Z produces a simple A-Z list of terms with selection boxes beside preferred terms. Non-preferred terms (listed in italics) are displayed but cannot be selected.

Selecting Terms to Search
Select search terms by clicking the box located to the left of the term. Selected terms will populate the Selected Terms box.

Explode allows you to search for an index term and its narrower terms.

Selected Terms Box
Terms can be combined with Boolean operators in this box. Click Add to Search.

The selected terms populate the Advanced Search Screen.

Now you can run a search with the Index Terms and apply additional search criteria and limits to the search.

Select Thesaurus Terms

If you click on the plus sign to the left of a term, the term record appears.

Thesaurus Term Record (Affective Disorders)

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