Searchable Fields

All fields are searchable in all databases, except where noted.

Any Field: yields results from all the searchable fields except cited references.

Abstract: brief summary of the document

Administration Time: time required to administer the test (e.g., 1 hour, 2–3 hours, 30–45 minutes) (PsycTESTS Only)

Affiliation: institutional affiliation of the author (not available in PsycTHERAPY)

Author: name of the author or authors listed in the document; always displayed last name, first name, or first initial

Author of Reviewed Item: if the document is a review, this field indicates the author of the material being reviewed (PsycARTICLES, PsycCRITIQUES, and PsycINFO only)

Book Title: title of book

Content owner: person or organization owning the content materials (PsycEXTRA only; in all other databases, search Publisher)

Correspondence: address of the author

DOI Number: (Digital Object Identifier) publisher-registered persistent link to a unique full-text document

Geographic Location: location where the research took place or that was the focus of the study

Grant/Sponsorship: includes sponsor names, recipient names, grant/contract/award information, funding amounts, funding dates, and other details about the sponsorship.

Index Terms: controlled vocabulary from Thesaurus of Psychological Index Terms

ISBN: International Standard Book Number assigned to the book or non-serial 

ISSN: International Standard Serial Number assigned to the journal

Journal Title: title of journal or serial

Keywords: searches three fields simultaneously—the title, index terms, and keywords (natural language words describing the document’s content)

Population: detailed descriptions of the sample population. Examples: Institutionalized patients living in nursing homes; Undergraduates in Israel; Buddhists (PsycTESTS Only). Note that this is distinct from the Population Group limit, where you can search for six possible values: human, animal, male, female, inpatient, and outpatient.

Publication Date: captures the date of the publication—day/month/year, the month/year, or the season/year

Publisher: organization/company that publishes the journal or book (except in PsycEXTRA; when searching in PsycEXTRA, search the Content Owner field)

PubMed ID (PMID): unique identifier assigned by the National Library of Medicine to material indexed in the PubMed database (available in PsycINFO and PsycARTICLES only)

Purpose: a brief summary of what the test or measure is intended to assess (PsycTESTS Only)

Release Date: the date the material was added to the database and the name of each database where it appears

Setting: setting in which the test was administered. Examples: Hospital, Nursing Home, Nursery School (PsycTESTS Only).

Source Document Citation: Use this to find a specific article, book, or chapter used to create a test record. The full citation for the source document that describes the development, evaluation, or use of the test will be found in the Reported in field of the Test Development, Test Review, or Test Use record. However, search using only the book or chapter title, journal title, volume, or year (PsycTESTS Only).

Test Name: The name of the test or its acronyms. Either will bring results if the test is in the database. For tests with no names, trained APA staff created a name for the purposes of PsycTESTS records (PsycTESTS Only).

Test Construct: the psychological construct being studied (PsycTESTS Only)

Tests & Measures: indicates tests used in the methodology of a study. In cases where a PsycTESTS record exists, the DOI for the Test Master Profile is included (Not available in PsycTESTS and PsycTHERAPY).

Title: this refers to the document title, which is the title of the journal article, book chapter, book title, or dissertation

Title of Reviewed Item: if the document is a review, this field indicates the title of the material being reviewed (PsycARTICLES, PsycCRITIQUES, and PsycINFO only)

Unique Identifier: a distinct number that identifies the record, assigned by APA 

Year of Reviewed Item: if the document is a review, this field indicates the publication year of the material being reviewed (PsycARTICLES, PsycCRITIQUES, and PsycINFO only)