Return to Saved Searches

Any time you want to return to a saved search, go to your My PsycNET page.

You have the option to perform the following actions:

image description: Edit
Edit your search:
 This will bring you back to the search page. You can add or subtract additional search terms and limits.

image description: hint To see only new records, you can check the box "Added to PsycNET" and select only items added in the last 7, 14, or 30 days.

image description: Run
Run your search:
 This will re-run the search.

image description: Delete
Delete your search: 
This will remove the item from My PsycNET.

image description: Set Email Alert
Set Email Alert: 
This will create an email alert. From here you will be able to name your search, determine the frequency of the email alert, and determine when the alert will expire. Go back to My PsycNET at any time to edit or delete the alert.

image description: Get RSS Feed
Get RSS Feed:
 This will open a pop-up window that lets you create an RSS Feed.

image description: Get Permalink
Get Permalink: 
This will open a box with a permanent link to your search results that you can copy and paste.