Psychological Tests and Measures

PsycTESTS is a repository for the full text of psychological tests and measures as well as a rich source of structured information about the tests. (Detailed PsycTESTS help is available separately.)

You have the option to browse by Test Name/AcronymConstructTest Author, and Year.

ADEPT logotutorial: PsycTESTS: Browsing the Database (YouTube video; closed captioned)

By Test Name/Acronym gives you an alphabetized list of the tests and measures indexed in the database. You can look for either the full name or the acronym of the test.

By Test Name

By Construct gives you a list of the constructs in alphabetical order. Each entry has a plus icon to collapse and expand the list of Tests (including alternate names and acronyms) indexed with that construct. The number of Test Master Profiles is displayed next to each Construct in parentheses.

by Construct

By Test Author gives you an alphabetical list of authors (both individual authors and institutional authors). Each entry has a plus icon to collapse and expand the list of tests (by test name and acronym) by that author.

By Year gives you a chronological list of years.

  • Click on the year.
  • Browse the list of dates.
  • Click on a date to see a list of test titles for that year.
  • Click on the title of a test jump to the test record.