My PsycNET

My PsycNET is your personalized page. To get started, create a username (user ID) and password. You will be prompted to create a user profile.

My PsycNET allows you edit your user profile, save searches, and set up alerts. It also stores any APA PsycNET Direct purchases you make; APA PsycNET Direct is the pay-per-view platform where users can get transactional access to the databases.

  • Maintain your profile at the My Profile tab.

image description: My Profile Tab

  • Sign up to receive email alerts on upcoming journals on the PsycALERTS tab. You can also opt to receive alerts each time a new journal issue is available; when the latest update to PsycCRITIQUES has been added; when PsycTESTS is updated; when new APA Books are released; when articles of your choice are cited, corrected, or receive a comment or reply (see Citation Alerts); and when content is added that matches your customized searches (Topic Alerts). 

image description: PsycALERTS

image description: APA PsycNET Purchases tab

  • View, edit, or re-run your saved searches from the Saved Search tab. My PsycNET will save all the details of your search strategy so you can reuse it or modify it in the future. From here you can also manage your search strategy, by setting up an email alert, an RSS Feed, or a Permalink.

image description: Saved Searches tab