Managing Results

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From the results list, you can display, save, print, email, export, or add to your list. Place a next to each record you wish to select.

image description: Add to My List
When you want to keep records for later, click the "Add to My List" button.

Export allows you to export selected citations to RefWorks, EndNote, Mendeley, or other bibliographic software.

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Display allows you to choose the display of your selected records from a pop-up window.

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Save allows you to save your results in a text file or HTML in the formats shown below.

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Print sends the selected results to the printer in the formats shown below.

image description: Email
Email your results.

When displaying, printing, saving, or emailing, you have a number of formatting options:

Citation: citations only
Citation & Abstract: citations and abstracts
Full Record Display: all fields except the cited references
Full Record Display plus Cited References: all fields, including the cited references
Citations APA Style: citations in APA Style
Citation with full names (when available): citations and full name(s) of the author(s), when that information is available