Email Alerts

On the Search Results page, you can manage your search by setting up an email alert or an RSS feed, creating a Permalink, and editing or saving your search strategy.

image description: Managing Searches

image description: Set Email Alert

To set an email alert, click the “Set Email Alert” button.

  • This will prompt you to sign in to your My PsycNET account.
  • Once signed in, you will see the options to set your alert.

image description: set alert

  • You can name your search, determine the frequency of the email alert, and determine when the alert will expire.
  • You can also go to My PsycNET at any time to edit, access the RSS feed or permalink, or delete an alert.

TutorialSetting Up Personalized Alerts (YouTube video; closed captioned). The running time for this tutorial is 2.37 minutes.