Citation Finder

Citation Finder is a quick and easy way to verify a citation.

  • First, select the database(s) you want to search.
  • Type the information you know into the appropriate search box, be it a word or phrase, author, or title.
  • Click Search.

Citation Finder


If you know the author or editor of a book, book chapter, journal article, or dissertation, enter the author's last name. If this retrieves too many results, you may also want to include the author's first name or first initial.

Author Search

hintIf you are unsure how to spell an author’s name, click the Authors Lookup link to view the index of author names.


Enter the title or the word(s) you want contained in the title in the search box. For example, typing “autism” will return results with “autism” in the titles.

If you know the complete title (e.g., “Exploring the nature and function of anxiety in youth with autism spectrum disorders.”), enter it in the search box to reduce the number of irrelevant hits.

Or, enter just the words that you remember are in the title.

Publication Title

Enter the journal title, the book title, or the word(s) you want contained in the publication title into the search box. For example, typing "American Psychologist" will yield a list of all citations from the journal entitled American Psychologist.

Publication Title Search

hintTo find the exact title of a journal, you can also use the Journals Lookup feature.


If you know what year, volume, issue, or the page number accompanying the document, enter that in the approriate box.

hintIf you find no results, come back to this search and ensure that you’ve added the data in the correct fields. Try searching leaving the first page field blank to find all results from an issue.


If you know the digital object identifier (DOI) of the document, enter it in the appropriate box.

DOI search

See an example search using the Citation Finder.