Boolean Operators

Boolean operators allow you to expand or narrow your search as needed.

Note that Boolean operators are case sensitive; they must be typed in all caps.

Combine search terms to narrow (“AND”) or broaden (“OR”) results. Use “NOT” to exclude records from retrieval.

Learning AND Motivation
Learning OR Motivation
Learning NOT Motivation
Both terms (Narrows the search)
Either or both terms (Broadens the search)
Excludes those with Motivation (Narrows the search)


If you enter the following

The search engine will...

image description: Boolean Example 1

You can change the search by grouping terms within parentheses.

Note the subtle difference in scope between the search above and this search,


where the search engine will...

image description: Boolean Example 2

If you wish to group concepts, but are searching multiple fields, enter concepts on individual rows and select the field from the drop-down menu. For example:
boolean search example